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Coastal Auto Traders are the Central Coast's and Blackwall #1 cash for car used car dealers who consistently pay better than dealer trade-in prices for old unwanted cars, late model used cars, luxury European cars, junk cars, utes, trucks and vans.

Get Cash for Your Car in Blackwall at Better Than
Dealer Trade-In Prices Guaranteed!

  • cash for old cars
  • cash for late model used cars
  • cash for Utes
  • cash for trucks
  • cash for vans
  • cash for junk cars

That's right, at Coastal Auto Traders will guarantee to pay you cash for cars in Blackwall at better prices than if you took your car to a used car dealer or new car sales dealer in Blackwall as a trade in. In most you'll love the price we offer you to sell your car for cash in Blackwall. If you say yes then all the transfer and legal details get completed very quickly and you get your money.

No matter what type of vehicle you have, or the condition it is in don't hesitate in giving us a call to find out how much cash we will pay you for your car. We all know when it comes to cash for cars Blackwall residents want top dollar paid and that's exactly what we do. Even for old car removals Blackwall residents prefer to get something rather than let some junk or scrap car removal service in Blackwall take it away for free.

Our process is very simple, you call us and let us know the details of your used car that you want to sell for cash and we will give you an estimate over the phone. If you like what you hear and want to do a deal one of our team members will come to you and inspect the vehicle further and finalise the paperwork, and pay you cash for your car.

If your car is broken down or does not work anymore we may need to take the car to our used car dealership to have it checked out by one of our mechanics. Our car removal Blackwall is free for this type of service. However, if you have happy for us to just give you a price to sell your unwanted, junk car, then our old car removal service policy will kick in.



Sell Your Cash for Cash

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